A psychiatric diagnosis is essential in helping identify and understand the underlying causes of any mental health issues or concerns an individual maybe experiencing and to guide treatment recommendations and support the individual’s overall well-being.

It’s important to remember that a psychiatric diagnosis is not a label, but rather a way to understand and address any mental health issues that maybe affecting an individual’s quality of life. With appropriate treatment and support, it is possible to effectively manage and overcome many mental health challenges.

In some cases diagnostic formulation is not limited to purely to mental health difficulties and there maybe physical health to consider. In these circumstances the psychiatrist may feel it appropriate to refer you to a private physician that we work closely with, and / or request that your GP considers carrying out certain investigations.

At times, further information from family members or friends may be beneficial. These enquiries are always done at the patient's discretion and with explicit consent. Further exploration through psychometric evaluation may also be helpful to arrive at a diagnosis. Where additional investigation is required, additional fees may be incurred. These would be discussed with you on an individual basis.


There are two types of reports available following a psychiatric assessment: the short report and the extended report.

The short report provides a brief overview of the assessment findings and recommendations for treatment, while the extended report will include more detailed information and will follow the format of a diagnostic report. Please note that the extended report incurs an additional fee of £200.