Privacy policy

Talkmind will keep in strict confidence all information of a confidential nature that is disclosed to it or its employees, agents, doctors, or subcontractors. Your privacy and personal information are important to us. We fully comply with data protection law in force in the UK and with all medical confidentiality guidelines, including those published by the GMC.

By submitting personal data to us and / or by using our services and website you give your consent to practices described within our privacy policy.

Personal data means any information relating to you, whether it be mental or physical health. Any data you give to us, either by phone, in person or in writing, can be stored by us. By providing this data, you give us your consent to process this sensitive data. This data will be used to assist us in providing care, information and services to patients

We will not be passing any personal data onto third parties for marketing purposes, however, we will pass it onto other health care or social care professionals. We will only share information with your GP if given permission to do so.

We may be legally obliged to disclose personal information in order to protect the rights, property or safety of our patients, employees or others.

By submitting information to us, you agree to the storage and processing of data provided.