Terms & Conditions


As mentioned within the ‘about us’, Talkmind is a platform to enable everyone to have easy and accessible assessments, diagnoses and treatments for their mental health. All of the Consultant Psychiatrists are GMC registered.

Talkmind is registered in the UK and thus, is subject to UK law. Any patient or doctor using Talkmind must be understand, accept and agree to this.

More so, all patients clearly understand, agree and accept that each individual Consultant / practitioner / clinician takes sole responsibility for the medical advice given via the Talkmind platform.

Sharing information

All information is automatically shared with your NHS GP unless the patient specifically opts out.

During the consultation / what we need from you / following the consultation.

During the consultation, we will need you to present some form of identification, such as a passport or drivers licence. Other forms of ID such as a Citizen card or valid student ID is fine.

If you do not have a copy of your ID with you at the time of the consultation, then simply email it to us before or after your appointment.

We will also require your NHS GP details; if you choose not to disclose this, this is fine and we will respect your decision, however, it may mean that we cannot prescribe medication(s) should it be indicated.

All assessments / consultations are recorded to monitor quality and for auditing / peer review purposes. These recordings will be stored in our secure and compliant server and will remain the property of Talkmind Ltd.

Should you formally request the recordings, they should never be published on social media or any other media sharing platforms - if this term is breached, we reserve the right to suspend the services, terminate your account and take legal action against you.

Following the consultation, the patient will receive a clinic letter, outlining their discussion, assessment, diagnosis / formulation and suggested management plan. This letter will be sent to the patient’s GP, unless otherwise stated.

The clinic letter will be shared as a password protected document.

All information including the clinic letters and other personal information, will be stored securely and will not be shared unless we are authorised to do so by yourself, or unless we are legally obliged, for example there are concerns of serious and significant risk to you or others.

Informing your GP

Even though we are bound by confidentiality and cannot share information with your GP, we do recommend that you inform your GP of the consultation. This will enable your GP to have a better oversight of your overall health.

As mentioned, we are bound by doctor-patient confidentiality, however, we are legally bound to inform any necessary bodies (local NHS / others) if we feel as though a significant risk is being posed to yourself or others.


If the patient cancels with more than 7 days notice - 100% refund.

If the patient cancels between 2-7 working days before appointment, 50% of the cost of the appointment.

If the patient cancels within 2 working days - the full invoice will be charged.

If a doctor / therapist does not / did not attend your appointment, we will then refund the full cost.

Patient and clinician can arrive up to 10 minutes late for an appointment.

If a patient arrives up to 10 minutes late, it will be at the discretion of the clinician to assess whether further time is required to enable him / her to gather the relevant information to determine a differential diagnosis and / or treatment plan.

Patient can cancel or edit their booking via the Talkmind portal, or simply ‘delete’ their booking on their calendar.

Should the patient cancel their booking ‘accidentally’ they can simply contact Talkmind to manually rearrange the appointment.

If the cancellation is successful they will require a confirmatory email from Talkmind to that effect; if this email is not received, first check the ‘SPAM’ or contact us.

Talkmind will accept no responsibility for any liability, costs, losses that may arise from failure to properly cancel any consultation from the Talkmind platform.

Purchase of goods or services online, comes with a 14 day ‘cooling off’ period without any reason. If making an appointment that is less than 14 days from the date of the booking, you have waived your statutory right. This is to ensure we can instantly ensure a secure time / date you can have a Clinician to ensure their availability.

By making the booking, you agree that provision of any services is subject to your payment in full of any costs relating to consultation, administrative and / or delivery fees that you incur in relation to the services’ pursuant to our fees.

Talkmind reserves the right to modify its fees and / or pricing structure at any time, at its sole discretion and implement the new fees and / or price structure at any time prior to billing you for payments.

Talkmind reserves the right to end or cancel bookings / appointments if billing information is incorrect / inaccurate, invalid, without funds or if any pre-authorisation by us provides a negative response (as determined by Talkmind).


Reasons outside our control.

If fees / charges are not paid when due, and still not paid in full within 14 days of us reminding you that payment is due on time.

You do not, within a reasonable time of us asking for it, provide us with information that is necessary for us to provide Services, for example, valid contact details. If you breach any of these terms and conditions, you must compensate us.

Missed appointments occur when either you or a Doctor is not present in the video-consultation.

The patient will not book, or attend if they are feeling actively suicidal, or if they are actively self harming.

It will be presumed that the patient has capacity to control self-injurious behaviours and should the patient start displaying such behaviours during the consultation, the consultation will be terminated.

The consultation will be terminated for some of these other reasons: patient displays self-injurious behaviours; patient displays rude or aggressive behaviours or language; the patient or doctor presents themselves in an inappropriate manner; etc...


Many people who suffer with psychiatric conditions may well benefit from prescribed psychotropic medication. If the doctor feels your mental health will improve with medication, they will have a conversation with you about the said medication.

Wherever possible we will ask your GP to prescribe the medication. However, should you prefer, we can prescribe the said-medication for you.

Once it has been agreed between yourself and your clinician, we will send you a copy of the prescription via recorded delivery.

If the doctor feels it is appropriate to prescribe medication, a private prescription will be written out for you; there will be a £25 charge for this. The private prescription will be posted or emailed to you, after which, you can take to your preferred pharmacy to be filled.

Currently, private prescriptions cannot be given without disclosing your GP details.


If you are not satisfied with the service that you have received, then please email us at [email protected] in the first instance, detailing any concerns you may have.

We will, of course, investigate any complaints submitted and respond, in writing, with the results. If we are in the wrong, we will apologise to you.