Following the assessment, and diagnosis / diagnostic formulation, where applicable, a personalised treatment plan will be discussed with you to consider how best to improve your mental well-being.

Talkmind takes a holistic approach to mental health, and a combination of medication, therapy and / or lifestyle adjustments may be suggested as part of treatment. Where appropriate, physical health investigations may also be suggested.

Resources and support networks can be shared with you to help manage your symptoms and improve your overall well-being.

Medication for mental health difficulties, including ADHD medication, can be prescribed through Talkmind. If medication is prescribed, following discussion between the patient and doctor, then an administrative fee is required. This can be arranged through our administrative support. The patient will need to pay the dispensing pharmacy for the medication itself.

Once the medication has been prescribed, the dispensing pharmacy will liaise with you directly to arrange payment and delivery. Within London you should have it within 24 hours and outside of London within 48 hours, albeit this is subject to availability.

It is not always possible to predict how long the titration process will take, nor how many follow-ups are required, although on average most patients will achieve the optimal medication dose between 3-6 follow-ups sessions. In some cases further follow-ups are required and / or a different medication may need to be trialled.

Once your treatment plan is optimal following a titration period, consideration can be given to the NHS taking over the treatment plan through a shared care agreement. Unfortunately the GP is not under any obligation to enter this arrangement, nor give a reason why they do not consent to it. Thus it is advised that all patients looking to initiate a shared care agreement discuss it with their GP prior to any assessment and / or treatment taking place.

Where required, shared care agreements can be arranged through us at a fee of £100, unless alternative arrangements have been agreed.

Once established onto a therapeutic dose of medication, a review every 3-6 months will be required regardless whether in a shared care agreement or we are prescribing directly. This is in line with NICE guidelines and best practice, so as to ensure that there is continued monitoring of efficacy and side effects.

In many cases, psychological / talking therapy will be central to managing symptoms. If this is required, an initial assessment with a psychologist would be recommended and discussed with you, and a referral can be made.

Follow-up appointments

In many circumstances, follow-up appointments with your psychiatrist will be required as your treatment progresses.

Certain situations, such as a medication change (e.g., initiating a new medication regime, and / or dose increased or reduced), can only proceed after a mandatory appointment with your psychiatrist has been arranged.

Individuals who have been diagnosed with ADHD will require a follow-up appointment to discuss treatment options, unless otherwise advised.

Follow-up appointments can be booked through the site or via our administrative team.

If an urgent query is required between appointments, a 10-20 minute appointment will either need to be booked through the website, or through our administrative team, although this is only subject to availability of the clinician.